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'Regio Twente' (Twente Region) is the joint venture of the fourteen municipalities of Twente with a catchment area of 626,000 inhabitants. For and with them, they fulfil activities over a very broad range of fields: economic affairs, public health, recreation and tourism. 


The participating municipalities are: Almelo, Borne, Dinkelland, Enschede, Hof van Twente, Haaksbergen, Hellendoorn, Hengelo, Losser, Oldenzaal, Rijssen-Holten, Tubbergen, Twenterand and Wierden.

Within 'Regio Twente' a distinction is made in 2 domains:

Health(GGD Twente
Living environment

Heart of the Region

'Regio Twente' works on projects split into two domains.  Health and Living Environment   The fourteen municipalities realize these projects in close consultation with Zwolle as provincial capital, politics in The Hague and the European Union in Brussels. The heart of 'Regio Twente' is therefore: co-operation.   Our plans for the coming years can be found in the 'Agenda of Twente' .  A national and international overview of the future. 

Familiar face 

'Regio Twente' is a broad organization and you will almost certainly be familiar with certain parts.  Such as the GGD (Regional Health Service), the familiar location for vaccinations when you are travelling.  The recreation parks, Het Hulsbeek, Het Rutbeek, Het Lageveld and Arboretum Poort Bulten. We are your point of contact for questions about all sorts of daily issues. 

Like everyone in the region, you probably have something to do with us on a daily basis.  You read about the labour market or you're looking for a nice walking or bicycle route for the weekend. 'Regio Twente' is directly and indirectly involved with all sorts of regional developments.  Together with a large number of partners, we work for a vibrant and prosperous Twente.  Hence you very often come across us unnoticed.

Official organization

The Regional organisation counts around 600 employees who work together for a vibrant and prosperous Twente for all inhabitants of the Twente municipalities.